Do you have a link to the stream when you're ready?

i always post the link to it when it’s live ^^ 

although i may not get to tonight. i don’t have enough time or energy to do it, but maybe i could sneak one in tomorrow. just a hint you know.

very sorry for the tease

why is every one fat

it was just something fun that happened so i like to keep it that way.

shield your foals ears. that tea sound is not good for them

guess what

I plan on streaming tonight


Hope you’re all enjoying your summer vacation!
Featured guests: Slots, Chubby Twilight, Squishy Luna, Velvet Cream

It was a very fun break with my friends!

Is this blog dead?

no, it is not dead. i’m about to make an update to explain why there hasn’t been any updates in a while, but i promise you this blog is far from dead

TMI Tuesday


it’s been quite a while and i’ve been wanting to do this again so ask away

doing a thing on the mod blog

Happy fourth of July everyone. Sorry I have nothing to show for it. Might make something new for it but so far. I’m just celebrating firework day :-)

she’s ready

also first post with my shading style in it


Redraw, colored and shaded by Chubby Twilight. What do you think?

"…I thought we were not going to talk about it!"

Part 2

redrew another picture, more shading practice too ^^